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Professional Life, Nothing but Success. Personal Life, In the Toliet

Ever feel that God, The Universe truly supports you in professional life but find yourself in a constant struggle in personal life, especially around love and relationships? Those happy couples must have all the luck, gifts or blessings!

In professional, you can accomplish much with relative ease. You find your professional life to flow fluidly, doing rather than thinking, looking for things to be accomplished and crossing them off your list.

You are fully aware and are comforted in knowing that actions will lead to positive results. This has been proven because there isn't much in life that doesn't follow this direct course. I mean, look at your awards from childhood to now, it's a logical path.

This is why most people feel more confident in their professional lives than their personal lives because emotions do not seem to follow that logical path. However, when you realize those same techniques that have led you to success in your professional life translate to all other areas, you can create and build the life of your heart's desires and dreams.

If you follow your already proven track record, internal instincts and put into direct action and intention from work toward personal, you will achieve success.

Ah...... there is no dollar amount or million dollar bonus plan as incentive, right?

Change your perspective. What would it cost you if you miss the love of your life, or miss seeing your children grow up, or cycle from one heart break to the next? Can you put a Value on your personal life, Can you put a Value on Love?

I had a client once who was an extremely successful business man yet struggled to communicate with his wife of 25 years. He was ready to walk away and give up. She was never going to be happy. I asked him one simple question that changed his perspective, "If your wife wore a $1 Million Dollar check around her neck for 30 days, What actions would you take to win her heart and be rewarded that check?"

At first, he went into announcing a constructive list of actions to achieve such success. He knew exactly how to turn on the romance, to seek her heart, to nurture her soul. I then asked him, "how do you know to do these things?" His reponse was, "It's what she loves, what speaks to her heart and what I did when we first met."

You could see a light bulb come on in his eyes.

He knew what his wife needed, it was in fact logical. It was the same action steps that he takes every day to be successful in his career. The techniques are the same. So, what makes a personal life successful? Put into action the same intentions you share for business.

Whatever area you are struggling in, write a plan to achieve the goal and cross it off your list.

You want to see your personal life flourish beyond any financial status, do the work.

What will it cost you if you don't? Only you know that .....just make sure it's not too late.

You wouldn't flush your hard earned money down the toliet ~ don't flush your personal life either.

1. Know the Goal you Want to Achieve - Write it Down

2. Set a Daily Action Plan "A to do list" to Achieve the Incredible Goal - Be Specific and Intentional. This is Life Transforming ~ Go Big!

3. Be in ACTION - DO IT. No excuses, don't get lazy on you or love.

4. If You Start to feel Rejection, Not Working Out, It's too Hard - KEEP DOING IT. "Transformation comes wrapped in sand paper, not served with warm cookies and red wine"

5. When you hit a Road Bloack - Use your Business Skills, Find a Work Around. C'mon you know this stuff!

6. When you Reach your Goal - You will Feel the Incredible Reward from Inside Out. NOW, set another Goal.

You have everything you need to be successful in all areas of your life but if you need a little guidance, someone to help you design a plan to fast track your success, or hold you accountable, I am always here to wrap you in sand paper.

Debbie Forth

Love Architect / Love Coach

"Transformation Comes Wrapped in Sand Paper, Not Served with Warm Cookies and Red Wine."

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