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How to Resolve Conflict


Conflict threatens our sense of self. The fact that another person seems to have the power to hurt us makes us feel weak, unstable, and unsafe. In Relationships you truly want trust, honesty, openness, grace and compassion - to be in a loving space, free to share and grow together toward a future. So, how do you move from Conflict to Love? Shift YOUR intention! Instead of REACTING or being defensive - shift your the way you respond to conflicts in order to set a healthy foundation for a beautiful future.

Easy to Say? YES.

Easy to Do? NO!!!!

It requires having the skills/tools, being vulnerable. Moving toward the issue when everything inside you screams "RUN." It requires taking responsibility when all you want to do is blame. It means listening with compassion when you are exhausted, only hear excuses and just fed up. We all have a lower self that operates mainly from a place of fear, weakness, and limitations; and a higher self, one operating from a place of love, strength, and creativity. Before engaging in a conflict, I recommend setting a clear intention that is aligned with your values and the desires of your higher self. Tomorrow I will gently guide you into "how to" set those intentions so you can move forward in LOVE!

Spread Love

, Debbie Forth

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