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Would YOU Marry YOU?

WOULD YOU MARRY YOU? I know, you are amazing and wonderful - your immediate response is YES, "Hell YES, I would marry me."

Take this journey with me ...Let's find the Truth. All relationships 'should' be built on the foundation of unconditional love, Right! ;) Tell your EGO to step aside and understand that Marriage is about being of service / giving! Uh Oh! Rate Yourself on a scale of 1-10 (1 being lowest, 10 highest) THESE ARE THE 6 BASIC HUMAN NEEDS YOU NEED TO FILL IN YOUR LOVER: 1. Certainty - Do you 100% (everyday) give them stability & Comfort? 2. Significance - Do you make them feel worthy/special - they are significant in your life - daily? 3. Love & Connection: We ALL have a need to connect - to love and be loved - Do you pour into you lover daily? 4. Variety - Yes, Your lover needs stimulus & Change - are you boring or bringing variety to the relationship? 5. Growth - Need to Develop & Expand - How much work on yourself do you do, how much couple growth do you do? 6. Contribution - Need to give beyond YOURSELF. Ahhhh, giving to your lover without expectation. How did you do? Would YOU marry YOU? Or are there some areas you need to work on? It's not about " I will do this, if he/she does that" - JUST GIVE 100% to all the above, no matter what.

Become the person you would Absolutely Marry!

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