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Become the Gardner of Your Relationships

Relationships are much like Gardens. The foundation - The Soil Self / Other Person - The Seeds If you don't nurture the foundation (soil) with protection, love, water, nutrition (healthy pouring into each other) - then the Seed (YOU/Other Person) will not be provided what it needs to grow / evolve to be strong and healthy. If a weed (negative thinking, obstacles) grows, don't abandon the garden - locate it, pull it out.

Don't get overwhelmed! Pick one thing a week to focus on to nurture the foundation - and do it. No matter what! The next week, add a little more and watch the "garden not only grow but flourish" Here are some examples of how to pour into the foundation. 1. Pray together 1X a day 2. Do something at least 1X a day NICE, without expectation "Act of Kindness" 3. Ask a "real" question about him/her to really get to know the person's needs and desires .....and truly LISTEN to the answer. 4. Spend time doing what he/she loves 5. Write a Love Letter, Send a Note (not a text) ...mail it or leave it someplace "special and unexpected" 6. Compliments Go a Long Way 7. Read to him/her at night before bed (very intimate) 8. Work on things that make YOU a better person (forgiving, communication, learn to apologize...etc

Become the Gardener of you own life and pay attention to what blooms.

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