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Ever Felt Rejected?

Have you ever felt rejected in Love? Just remember Rejection is being Re-Directed! 1. Don't take it personal. Stop carrying the burden of others...if you are rejected (or dismissed) it's just "meant to be" - Trust!

2. It's NOT about YOU. People make decisions from fear, insecurities and perhaps the path their soul is meant to walk. (NOT YOURS)

3, It happened for a "HIGHER PURPOSE" - Find the lesson in the rejection and then shift it to your gift. Your soul can grow from every rejection...if you choose to look within!

4. TRUST YOUR PATH - We are all meant to co-create, grow and learn from each other, and every step, pot-hole, wrong turn and right turn is simply YOUR PATH.

Stay excited...that rejection is one step closer to YOUR soul mate / BIG love! Much Love, Debbie

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