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Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional

Have you ever experienced PAIN?

Yes, we all have. Pain is an absolute part of life.

It's what you experience, a broken heart, loss of job, death of loved one, everyday life that knocks you around ~ you feel and experience deep hurt! That feeling that leads you to feeling powerless is called SUFFERING.

Pain IS Inevitable. Suffering IS Optional.

You are NOT powerless.

Pain can result in Anger and Resentment or

you can use it as a driver to strength, love and spiritual fulfillment.

The Choice is YOURS. Stay stuck in pain, in excuses, anger, resentment and SUFFER. Or, change the model of the world (find an empowering meaning); the gift to yourself to step out of your pain, stop the suffering so you can give and receive LOVE.

YOU ARE NOT POWERLESS. <3, <3, <3, Debbie

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