"Forth Lift" - Can't stop thinking about an EX?

Do you feel STUCK ...Can't stop thinking of an EX, don't know how to let go, struggling with moving on? TIPS to release the EX to make room for New Love! ** You can't MOVE ON, if you still have your EX in the "LIFETIME" partnership, SOULMATE Category!

1. Realize the fairytale of how great it was and could be...is in YOUR head. Look within to find the TRUTH - let go of the fairytale! If you were not lovers, would you even "like" him/her? Be honest with the reality. Wake Up Call Time.

2. Place the relationship in either Life giving Or Purpose category.When a relationship has come to an end. You need to realize the "gift" in the 2 hearts colliding and co - existing.

Life giving Relationship: The relationship that gives you back the "YES, I still got it vibe". It's short term - less than 2 years and basically kicks you in the ass to get back out there!

Purpose Relationship: The relationship that had purpose for your evolution/growth ...could also be to create a business, to have children, to lead you to a place/space in your life, the relationship that provided you lessons ...the relationship to make you realize what you want/don't want...to give you a higher purpose to your journey.