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Let's Talk About Sex

The Health Benefits of SexLet’s be real! Aside from reproduction, Sex is ULTIMATELY about intimacy and pleasure. Sexual expression has positive intellectual, psychological, physical, social and emotional benefits. And, hello …. This can be done with a partner or ALONE! Yes, even alone is healthy!What’s your excuse? Why are you dissatisfied? Fatigue, Children, Work, too stressed out, in the wrong relationship, no time (and the list goes on).Check out the benefits to a healthy sex life and Get off your “excuses” and enjoy!Physical WellnessPhysical AppearanceThis is America, Land of the opportunity to “look our best.” Invest in sex and look and feel more youthful.· Sexual activity burns calories and fat …. I am IN! Just try to keep the whip cream fat free.· Active Sex life inspires you to work out more frequently. Who needs Tony Robbins when you have sex? Be inspired.· Active Sex life increases better dietary habits. Eat healthier to feel better, stronger and more confident. You got this! SleepWho is familiar with the Big O, the orgasm? Studies prove that the intimacy hormone is oxytocin and is released during the Big O (or even little O’s) which promotes better sleep and build stronger immunity and longer life span.The more sex you have the longer you LIVE! The best medicine. Disease Prevention and ManagementYour chances of having heart problems decrease if you stay sexually active. This is due to higher levels of oxytocin, a neurotransmitter (brain chemical) that is produced during arousal and orgasm.Research has shown that sexual activity and orgasms may bolster the immune system in women and men.Men· High frequency of ejaculation (more than 21 times per month) is related to a decrease in the risk of prostate cancer. Start counting Boys. Women· Let’s face it ladies. We all hate that “time of the month.” But, here is a little inspiration. Sexual activity and orgasm during menstruation has a potentially protective effect against endometriosis.· Women who are sexual, with a partner or masturbation, are less likely to have vaginal atrophy and more likely to report sufficient vaginal lubrication. I guess one could say, the wetter the healthier. If you are dry, increase your sex life and receive all the benefits.Emotional Well-Being and Relationship ImprovementSexual experience and satisfaction are closely correlated with overall quality of life. They increase your sense of well-being and personal satisfaction.· Sexual activity (especially orgasms) reduces stress.· Healthy Sex Life increases stability in relationships. Make your love last! Bond with your partner, increase the intimacy. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone to fulfill one another’s sexual desires. If you are at the moment, partner-less, then you only have to please yourself. How hard could that be, right! Spend time getting to know what you like, you need, what makes you moan or weak in the knees. Experience toys, your sexual desires and prepare yourself for your future mate. What do you have to lose? If you are not satisfied where you are sexually take the initiative and change you. Don’t sit around and complain thinking a healthy sex life doesn’t exist…..create the life YOU want.Ready … Set…. SEX!If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. I am dedicated to your healthy, beautiful, incredible love of self and others.

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