Relationships Don't Have to Play Guessing Games

In my Love Coaching, I speak to individuals and Couples about truly understanding your own heart's wants and needs in a relationship. This is list based on who you are and how you need to be loved. This is not a reflection of what they are not nor to make them feel unworthy or less than. This helps partners understand you AND you understand how you need to be loved.

Everyone IS different because their story is different.

How we have been hurt in the past, How we have been loved by parents, What we have overcome, to our definition of love ....all these are indicators to WHY you need to be loved a certain way.

Think of it this way, It's the CLIFF NOTES on how to Love Yourself and how to teach others how to love you.

Relationships don't have to play the guessing game.

If you know yourself and are willing to take the time to know your partners needs be a student of each other - there will only be LOVE.

You will either recognize and gift eachother with the most beautiful relationship or you will Lovingly release because you can see how your needs are not aligned to be of service to eachother.

Either way - it's a decision made in LOVE.

Spread Love, Debbie Forth